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In October 2017, our Public Enemy Baltic Porter won gold in the Baltic-Style Porter category at the prestigious The Great American Beer Festival®, held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO. Public Enemy is a seasonal, limited release brew for Dust Bowl Brewing Co. It is currently available in 22oz. bottles at both of our taprooms and at local retailers.


Our year-round line up features a range of styles and bottle sizes. From bombers and six packs to easy-drinking Mexican lagers and hearty IPAs, our year-round offering provides portfolio balance.
Hobo Pilsner label art

Hobo Pilsner

Light malt flavors with a grainy aroma complemented by spicy, lemon-like hop notes.

Taco Truck Lager label art

Taco Truck Lager

Mexican-style lager brewed with oats and wheat… crisp and refreshing.

Taco Truck Amber Lager label art

Taco Truck Amber Lager

Mexican-style lager blends color and flavor without heaviness or bitterness. Rich malty character, light bodied, smooth.

Therapist Imperial IPA label art

Therapist Imperial IPA

Big, bold hop aromas and flavors of citrus, tropical fruits and apricot are bracketed by malty sweetness.

California Line Vanilla Blonde Ale label art

California Line Vanilla Blonde Ale

A crisp, refreshing blonde ale perfect for our California climate.

Change Order IPA label art

Change Order IPA

A clean, dry finishing, refreshing IPA with juicy notes of tropical and citrus.

Confused Therapist Imperial IPA label art

Confused Therapist Imperial IPA

Unfiltered? Juicy? Hazy? New England? What style is it? Are you confused? Don’t be. This smoother, softer version of our extremely popular Therapist Imperial IPA is all of the above.

Hops of Wrath IPA label art

Hops of Wrath IPA

Moderate bitterness and a solid malt backbone with fruity, citrus aroma and a bright hop flavor for a clean finish.


Black Blizzard

Originally a stout of British origin, this style of beer became popular with the Czarist Court in Russia. High hop levels and alcohol content, as well as large amounts of…

Public Enemy

This style originated in the region bordering the Baltic Sea and is a take-off on English porters. Originally an ale, brewers in the region switched over to Lager yeast making…